Unsuspecting Face Slap, a Choice to Make...

It was like a completely unexpected slap in the face.

Everything had ground to a halt.

Life as we now knew it, had once again been shut down.

As I stood before a blank canvas, I had a choice to make....

would I paint the way I feel right now in this moment or

would I paint through the eyes of what I’d like to feel?

In that moment I decided that I wanted to feel the sweetness of joy,

the delight of seeing the good and the fullness of looking for all

the things to be thankful for.

The head choice may have been easy, but it took sometime for

my heart to catch up. It began slowly with forcing myself to pause

and look for the little things around me. The new leaf on one of my

indoor plant babies. The scent of a candle wafting around me.

The sound of the mower outside. The foot steps of my babes

around the house. The joy of choosing colours that make

my heart smile.

Gradually the slow trickle of joy got stronger, braver and began to

take over, transform my heart and alter the monologue playing

inside my mind until I no longer was a swirl of negativity.

This work is the mirror of my heart as it transformed and became a

space of freedom, hope, peace, kindness and love somewhat to the

world around me, but mostly toward myself.

In the midst of constant change and so many unknowns may you find some encouragement in looking for the joy in the canvas of life.

with love & joy

kim xx

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