Stacey Leitch - Streams, jungles, rainbows and tigers!

We are super excited to be introducing to you our December 2020 Featured Artist - Stacey Leitch.

Tomorrow morning at 9am we release this (seen in the video) amazing bag series as well as open the store with a dedicated section of her stunning artwork - originals from tiny to massive size as well as a selection of beautiful prints.

Stacey can be found scribbling out story ideas and dreaming up a rainbow storm in her plant-filled Melbourne studio. She is proud mama to four little people who are boundless fun and all kinds of wonderful.

Stacey has set aside her midwifery and special care nursing gloves to spend her days paper cutting, pasting and trying to draw as good as her kids. Her stories are a mix of delight, heart and soul as she learnt very young how to conquer mountains. She carries a passion to tell her story through pictures and characters, to instill hope into the lives of children and families.

Stacey lives with her little tribe in outer Melbourne after living and adventuring in America and Canada, where she inevitably left behind a portion of her heart somewhere among those oaks and snowy peaks (…most likely in Central Park where the squirrels play and the air is filled with the smell of caramel toasted nuts….?). Stacey has devoured several courses in Writing and Illustrating Children’s Picture Books .

Rainbows, tropical beaches, snuggly animals, new paints, storms, rice lattes and leafy greens are some of her favorite things.

Basically, Stacey is a fabulous human with a gently kind and generous creative heart that is echoed in all that she creates. Have a watch of the video to see for yourself ☀️🌈🌸

Here is a sneak peek of what is to come tomorrow morning.... xx

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