I hate Waiting! Do you 'Wait Well'? Is even it possible to 'Wait Well'

Wildflower joy image

"While we are away on holidays mum, I hope spring shows up" my shorts loving boy stated to me this morning.

Someone is lying.... spring has not arrived. (at least not in Melbourne)

As I sit huddled on top of the heater, my toes still numb, looking out at the dull dreary cloudy sky, it begs the question - where is spring? The blossom trees are trying their darnedest, showing their sweet blooms but clearly the winter switch is stuck on.

Seriously, I have loved my new season blush pink coat, my funky mustard scarf and snuggly grey cardi but the time has come to dig through the unorganised mess of my wardrobe and unearth a pretty dress or two. Dig out the shaver to discover that there really are legs beneath the hairy winter growth. [Be warned friends, you may need your sunglasses when my bright white legs are unleashed on the neighbourhood.]

Life can feel stuck in winter. Waiting for the sky to break open. Waiting for the bulb to push its way through the dirt. Waiting is hard. Waiting is tiring. Waiting takes courage.

Waiting takes patience, a virtue that I clearly suck at. Too often I want to run ahead, do what I can to take control of a situation, put in my thoughts, feelings and ideas rather than just sit back and wait.

If you could tune into the voice in my head, you would wonder if maybe I was a two year old. I have been chucking a lot of internal tantrums lately - "it's taking sooooo long, I am soooo over this, I can't do this anymore, I don't want to do this anymore...."

Waiting is unfortunately inevitable. Waiting for a table, a friend, a phone call, a result, a car park, a new start, a house, a coffee, a partner, a baby, a holiday, for an idea, for business to grow, for people to be kind, for things to change, for the rain to stop, for sleep to come, for time to pass, for hope, for a cake to bake, for an email, for acceptance, for something amazing or for something incredibly hard.... so much waiting.

We are all waiting for something right now, so, how do you and I not just endure waiting but learn to 'wait well'?

Here are a few things I try to hold on to while waiting....

DON'T fixate on that thing you are waiting for.

When you watch a clock it seems to tick slower, when we fixate it on what we are waiting for, it too will only feel slower.

KEEP your eyes wide and looking for the joy, the sweetness, the gifts, the change, the growth, the light and the hope around you.

There is so much around us that is so easily missed when we get tunnel vision. A smile, a text, a flower, a coffee, a helping hand, a word, a hug, a gift, a thought.... it changes your focus, shifts your eyes.

CELEBRATE all the things that you see or discover, no matter how small they may be.

Have a little party, do a few dance moves, a little jump or skip and yell yippee! Get great at celebrating.

TRUST that there are things happening that you may not know or understand.

Believe the best. Hold tight to the truth you have been told or given.

FAITH in something bigger than me.

Faith for me, is where I find hope. Faith in the Heavenly Gardner, who knows me, holds me and loves me in all seasons, even the waiting ones. Belief that no matter what I am waiting for, spring will come, the season will change and the sun will once again shine.

Will you join me in the challenge of 'waiting well'?

Let's have billions of teeny tiny mini celebrations everyday as we see the beauty of all that is around us while we wait.

And please remember, you are amazing!

kim xx

P.S. I love hearing your stories, journeys and thoughts. Thank you for sharing. Please keep sharing, I love it, it is community xx