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Grow Healthy - Wattle Print

Plant Killer. Black Thumb. For most of my life I have been fabulously talented at killing plants and destroying gardens. Why? I didn’t give them time, energy or thought. I didn’t weed, feed or water regularly. I didn’t prune, pest spray or patiently separate out. Yet, I was still surprised when my plant babies went to plant heaven. I am clearly a slow learner. I was the perfect candidate for a low maintenance garden. But, I wanted the beauty of its higher maintenance brother. I knew I needed to invest in it, in order to reap the rewards but was too lazy. I too easily adopt a lazy approach to my life as well. When I don’t invest in my health or rest - I look like an unwatered plant, limp and lifeless. When I don’t carefully weed out the lies in my mind and feed on truth - I look like a plant with disease spots on my leaves, far from the true best version of myself. When I don’t position myself in healthy community, surrounded by loving truth speaking people - I look like a plant that has been planted in dodgy unfertilised soil, unable to grow, stretch and reach my full potential. When I too easily hide away or run away from pruning, neglect to bring close to a season or move on from the familiar and face

a new unknown - I look like a plant that has no space for new growth, pot bound with no room to expand and no potential for greater fruit. I am challenged this week to become a great gardener of my life. To flourish in life means I need to:

Invest in health.

Weed out lies Feed on truth. Position myself within healthy community/friendships, and Embrace all the seasons of life.

Which one are you going to focus on this week? For me, it is to invest in rest and get into bed by 10 each night. Let’s be great gardeners of life as we partner with the Heavenly Gardner who knows, loves and holds us in every season.

kim xx


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Grow Healthy - Wattle Print

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