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Better Together Fine Art Print

Bones aren't meant to pop out!!

Just over a week ago, I just casually slipped down our stairs locked my arm and took the full force of the fall through my finger and shoulder.

Result was a dislocated finger and shoulder. Not the most fun thing I have ever done in my life. Not something I would recommend either.

Bottom line, I have my right arm (I am right-handed) in a sling for 2 weeks, which all though not a long time, still very annoying when you have a brand new shop and all of my creative work is done with that hand.

What I have discovered (once again, clearly a lesson I am always needing to learn), is that I really really need other people, especially when I am a tiny bit impaired.

I had to fight the independence in me and let people help. Say yes to offers of help and be willing to ask for it too. (Even doing up my bra... ).

It has been fresh reminder that it is ok to ask for and accept help in life.



It’s better together! That’s how you and I were made and designed. We were created for community. We are stronger together. We are louder, bolder and braver together. We are hope for each other. When one is feeling hopeless, we can step in and help carry one another until hope is once again restored. Big mountains look like tiny hills when climbed together - hearts united, arms linked and loads shared. Dreams dreamt alone are realised together. When we are wounded or weary in the fight for truth, we need one another to see, point out and fight the lies with us. Two lights are brighter than one. Let’s grab our tribe, love them big and do this life together, it’s always better.

Kim xxx

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