What if....

As a child, I often wished the world was made of chocolate, I dreamed that each step I took lit the sparkly path leading to a beautiful world where everything was possible,

animals truly talked, my hearts desire materialised before my eyes & colourful patterned flowers were cups to drink from giving me the ability to fly & see the world from a new perspective.

Maybe I watched too many movies, read too many stories or spent too long in the sun (haha)... or maybe the imaginings of childhood are where we believe anything is possible & everything is probable.

Just maybe we need to allow our hearts & minds freedom to walk life in a space of belief for the impossible & improbable.

This last month we launched what has felt like the impossible & improbable.

The journey still often feels impossible, difficult and improbable.

But, what could life be like, if even for just a moment we indulged our childlike heart to believe for all that could be? Believed for the improbable, the impossible.

And then imagine if we took even the tiniest steps toward it?

Just maybe something might shift, change or alter the course of life as we know it.

Surely, it’s worth a try!

Will you dare to dream with me?

With so much love & belief for you & in you

kim xx

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