Spaces Between - dealing with all the feelings!

Spaces Between Painting in Progress

The button was pushed, the changes were made, the colours were new and the curtain was raised.

Kim Miatke ART had bowed out and Calla Collective birthed.

The lead up was full crazy. For someone who struggles with administrative detail - the joy of finally finishing was like diving into cool water on a 45 degree day.

The response was fabulous. Everyone said beautiful things. We could feel the momentum of the new. Yet, a couple of days later, I fell flat. I don't know what I had expected to happen or what I had expected to feel but this wasn't it.

Years of learning to deal with the flat moments in life, meant that I still got up, showed up and kept going. It wasn't fun, I did a lot of reminding myself of all the good, great and amazing that we had done, were doing and would do. But let's be honest, if I could live in the happy high spaces, that would be just fine and dandy.

We all the love the beautiful moments, the times when we feel like we are winning, the seasons of success, the happy dance feeling and the fist pumping, cheers of delight.

Yet, would we fully feel these highest of high moments if we hadn’t had the spaces between.

The mundane and ordinary.

The hard work. The days you wanted to give up.

The low, the sad and even the times you have felt paralysed by fear.

The spaces between are what make the stunning mountain top days feel higher and even more victorious.

Maybe I need to adjust my thoughts towards the spaces between and see them for the super sweetness they bring to the fabulous days.

May you know and see joy in the spaces between along with the high highs of celebration on the days your heart dances.

with love & joy

kim xx

P.S. This is the story behind this painting that has become a tote and wallets. xx

Spaces Between Tote & Wallet