Imagine Giant Flowers

What can change your day?

What can alter your mood?

What can impact your internal script?


Someone keeping some jelly slice aside for me so I don't miss out.

A text & phone call, both checking in, asking how I am going and feeling after a huge weekend.

The gift of a meal so I don't have to cook dinner while Michael is away.

Pausing to look, see and notice the blossom starting to appear on the trees around.

Reminding myself that I am brave, I am loved, I have hope.

What does love look like?

How does your heart feel loved?

Imagine giant flowers, overwhelming beauty, huge helpings of sweet delight for the eyes.

Imagine giant servings of love, banquet tables full of kindness, gentlesness, generosity & patience.

Imagine our world stopped in it’s tracks by giant flowers that rained torrential love

saturating every moment of our ordinary everyday.

You and I my friends, are those giant flowers.

We are all beauty, with the biggest capacity to drench our everyday ordinary worlds with life changing, mood altering and hope filling love.

Let's do this friends. Let's love drench our worlds this week.

Kim xx