Unexpected Journey...

Imagine bursting pink flowers print

It had been my home away from home for nearly 9 years. We had laughed hysterically together, shed tears of heart break and celebration alongside one another, marked milestones together and journeyed the growth of a business as way more than just work colleagues. I walked into my performance review knowing that I was going to resign. It broke my heart, but I knew it was the right thing for me going forward. I didn't know what was ahead. My future was uncertain, but I knew this sweet season had come to an end.

As I stepped into my next season, little did I know what was ahead. Little did I know that I was about to walk into year of undoing. Undoing of who I had always tried to be and instead learning and living who I truly was.

As you step into your next moment, may you see all that is incredible not only around you but also all the amazing that is bursting within you.

You may not feel it, but, you are full to overflowing with so many beautiful words, kind smiles, generous thoughts and fabulous ideas.

You have within you a destiny, a purpose and a dream. You have a voice that needs to be heard. You have an adventure ahead that will forge a new path leading the way for those who will come after you.

Please believe me when I say, we need you. We, the world, need you to burst bright and fabulous all over the part of the world you inhabit with your unique flavour.

Without you we are just vanilla.

Kim xx

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