Hard day?

We lay on the grass starring up at the sky.

The night was dark. The sky was bright.

But my heart was more aware of the boy that lay on the picnic blanket beside me.

My words were marvelling at the galaxy above us, but my heart was marvelling at the fact that this incredible boy was lying next to me.

I loved seeing the sky through his eyes. I loved hearing his thoughts. I loved gaining insight into his world. I loved that he was always so full of hope, excitement and joy.

He helped me then and has to this day shown me the light on a dark day.

The darker the night, the brighter the light, the bolder the colour!

It is easy to look at the small amount of black even though

the light, bright colour is bigger.

Sometimes, we need each other to point to the colour, when it feels like we are drowning in black. We need our tribe to help shift our eyes & gently redirect our vision.

Let’s choose to focus on all the bright beautiful colour in the world rather than the receding black. In this space there is hope, freedom & joy.

Imagine Acorn Rainbow is my reminder of this truth.

Will you join me in helping others find the light bright colour on a hard dark day, and will you join me in choosing to look for the light bright colour on my own dark days?

kim xx

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