Insomnia Cure??

Imagine Flower Jungle

Snuggled under my pink ballerina covered doona, the clock ticking over the hours I had now lay awake unable to sleep. Glancing at the dreamy tulle skirts worn by the girls dancing all over the covers, my imagination suddenly switched on. In the sketch pad of my mind I began to dream, design and draw the most beautiful wedding dress a 10 year old of the 80's could, puffed sleeves, dripping in lace and as fluffy as a giant cupcake loaded with icing. The next thing I knew it was morning and my Dad was delivering toast and juice to me in bed (so spoilt, I know!).

This became my childhood insomnia cure. Flicking the switch on my imagination - dreaming, designing and drawing on art pages of my mind. So many dresses created, rooms decorated and destinations discovered.

Last night as I lay awake unable to sleep, it wasn't my imagination that kept me company, instead it was problem solving, people fixing and concerns chewed over.

The difference? Joy and delight versus a heavy heart.

Spend a moment with a child and we are quickly reminded of the freedom imagination offers. Some time in the transition to adulthood the automatic imagination switch becomes a manual one.

I have challenged myself to choose to flick the imagination switch more readily.

This painting and the whole 'Imagine' series was a part of that very conscious decision.

'Imagine Flower Jungle'

When I let my imagination run free,

when I let my wonderings flow out,

when I break from the rule book -

then colours swap,

small becomes big,

big becomes small

and joy spills out all over the page.

When imagination finds it’s voice,

freedom is known,

wings are spread,

new places, people, processes and products

are discovered and invented.

Will you join with me and create space to imagine!

Kim xx

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