Do you ever expect the worst? Or am I the only one?

Sometimes what we expect, what we anticipate, what we predict or what we imagine is very different from reality.

More often than not, I find that we err on the negative side, we lean towards 'this will suck, this will be hard, I can't do this, I am going to hate this'.

Yet, it seems that very commonly it turns out to be better, easier and more fun than ever expected.

As I sat down to paint, I assumed I was about to create something awful, something I would be screwing up and throwing in the bin. Only to be surprised at how much I loved the peaceful tones and whimsical flowers that emerged onto the page. In truth, I kept coming back to it long after it was finished, sincerely surprised at how much my heart delighted in it, shocked that I had actually done it. Hence, I have named it 'Dreamy Green & Blue Surprise'.

You and I can do this. We can see the surprising.

The good things, people and circumstances around us.

We can look for the myriad of things to be thankful for.

We can choose to see the amazing in ourselves.

We shouldn't be surprised, but often we are, that when we look for beauty it is always there to be found.

Let's try to flick the switch on 'expecting the worst' mind set and instead dig for, seek out and expect the best.

I know that it is hard, but I also know that it is worth a shot.

Life looks brighter, feels lighter and knows more hope when I choose to flick that switch.

Will you join me in giving the 'switch flicking' a go?

We can do this! It is so worth it! You are worth it!

Kim xx

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