I want to love .... but why is it hard?

I want love, to be my first choice, my top pick and my highest priority.

Love is the thing I want you to feel, experience and encounter when we chat, hang out or from just a smile as we walk past each other.

These words are a declaration and reminder to my heart, to our little family unit and to all of us.

Love needs to be the room filler, the atmosphere changer and the heart shifter.

Let Love Live Here!

Love will gently ask a question, to seek to understand before making assumptions and throwing accusations.

Love will choose to give rather than take.

Love will choose to agree to disagree rather than get mad and throw unkind words around.

Love will have hard conversations rather than run away.

Love will choose relationship over the need the be right.

Love will choose to forgive and let it go, rather than remind others of their wrongs.

My hearts desire is that love will live in me, in you and spill out onto those we meet, those we journey life with, those we don't even know and the person we know best, ourselves!

Let "Love Lives Here" be the anthem of our hearts and our communities.

It can and will change hearts, lives and ultimately the whole big wide world, but let it start with us, you and me.

Kim xx

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