How to nurse a wounded heart?

Blood dribbled out of my knee down my leg from the gravel filled gash. I had thrown myself toward the ball while playing 'pig in the middle' on the primary school courts. That scar can still be seen on my right knee to this day.

My heart can feel like my knee looked that day, cut, bleeding and full of dirty gravel.

Some times we get caught in all the yuk, the sad, the negative and the unkind words that have been spoken about us, happened to us or surround us.

Like a gravel filled wound needs to be cleaned out, we need to clean out these things.

The school nurse that day cleaned my wound, got rid of the gravel, washed out the dirt and covered it with a big chunky piece of gauze wrapped in tape to protect it, and allow a safe place for it to heal.

As fellow travellers and friendly heart nurses, we can offer first aid to each other, to help clean out the negative unkind words or lies spoken about us, to us or even by us, about ourselves. We can be a part of creating a safe space of healing and being the panadol that helps ease the pain of those wounds.

It is easy to take those things on and forget who we are, forget what we do, forget the difference we make and the joy we bring the world, just by being us.

Today, let me pop on my scrubs and offer a tiny bit of nursing to your heart. Whether you feel like you need it or not, we all need to be reminded and to remind those around us that “You are the bestest”.

The bestest you.

The bestest cheerleader.

The bestest friend.

The bestest believer in others.

The bestest carer.

The bestest kindness giver.

The bestest listener.

The bestest support.

The bestest fun.

The bestest adventure sharer.

The bestest action taker.

The bestest giver of love.

Bestest may not be grammatically correct, but it is a heart word, from my heart to yours.

No matter what scars mark your heart or wound you currently carry, it will never change the truth that 'you are the bestest' you!

Don’t ever stop being the bestest you, we love it!

With love & joy

Kim xx

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