Who are Pom-pom People? Do you need them?

Ever felt like you were drowning in a list.... a list of to-dos, must-dos or should-dos?

As I walked towards work, I could feel myself sinking deeper beneath the endless list of things that needed attention.... I sucked the tears that threatened in, and told myself that 'I can do this'...

Greeted with a 'hi, how are you?', my natural response was to give a glib 'good thanks' but this day I chose honesty, and shared with my sweet work friend the many long lists....

She promptly picked up her figurative 'pom-poms' and began to cheer for me, by speaking belief into me, helping me see my 'lists' through a alternate lens, showing me a different way and offering to share some of the big load I was carrying. She loved me so well. This fabulous friend was and is a 'Pom-Pom Person'.

'Pom-pom People' Print - Yellow pom-pom flowers

Pom-pom people are the people that cheer you on, cheer you up and cheer you through life.

They are those that bring softness when you need a love that hugs, holds, brings a flower, sends a message or just sits there alongside you.

They are those that bring the tough but kind love that says ‘you can do this, stop looking down and start looking up’. A love that walks alongside you believing in you, reminding you of who you are and what you are capable of when you are sick of trying and you are over the ‘hardness’ of the journey.

They are those that see in you what you cannot see yourself.

They point out the incredible strength and courage you have.

They celebrate every big victory, each small win and all the tiny steps forward with all the glitter, streamers, balloons, shouts of joy, celebratory hugs or a sweet smile of encouragement.

We need pom-pom people to do this journey of life.

We also need to be pom-pom people to those around us.

Who are your pop-pom people?

Celebrate them today.

with love & joy

kim xx

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