How to deal with the mirror...

Ever looked in the mirror and grimaced? screwed up your face? said some unkind things?

If we are honest, we have all done this, we have all had moments when we think nasty things about ourselves as we stare at the reflection in the mirror.

If we spoke those things in the presence of those who love us, we would be quickly shot down. How we see ourselves is so often different to how others see us. They see you crinkle your nose as you smile with true joy. They see your eyes sparkle and dance with delight as you respond to the world around you.

Their is beauty all around.

Look in the mirror, there is beauty right in front of you.

YOU, my friend, are beauty.

Embrace your beauty & let us celebrate your beauty.

Don’t argue with compliments.

Don’t brush off encouragement.

Don’t cut down words of love.

You are beauty just like this bloom, oozing sunshine and spreading joy.

Let us love you & let’s get good at loving ourselves! We are so worth it!!

with so much joy

kim xx

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