Get Annoyed Sometimes? At Others? At Yourself? Thoughts for dealing with it...

"You are so annoying" was heard in my house last night.

It is a statement that makes my blood boil. Anger burns within me.

I quickly jump in with truth.... "what they are doing may be annoying but they are NOT annoying!"

These words spoken in frustration, can sow seeds of a belief deep within that say "I am annoying". More often than not it is the feelings and circumstances of the person speaking it than the person it is spoken to.

As a teenager, I had a school friend tell me that I was annoying because I wanted each page of my book to look beautiful. Another told me that I talked too much. Another told me that my faith was wrong. Another just flat out avoided me. Another just gave me a "look" with an eye roll. Each of these built up a case within me that "I was annoying".

I became super sensitive to being "annoying"to others. I tried to stop caring about things being beautiful. I tried to become what "they" liked. I tried to stop being super expressive and excited. I tried to stop being me.

BUT that was exhausting.

I am not an annoying person. No one is an annoying person. We may all do annoying things, but annoying is not who we are.

The intricate details of how I express myself, the things I believe, love and take delight in are what makes me, me and what makes you, you.

Take a look at all the tiny details that make up a bloom.

The colour, the shape, the texture and the design.

You too, are made incredibly.

The tiny details that make you, you.

The things you love, the moments that make you smile.

The books you love reading.

The songs you know word for word.

The movies that make you cry.

The issues you are passionate about.

The beauty that makes your heart happy.

The times you let go and allow silliness to erupt.

We are all so incredibly different.

Yet each so incredibly beautiful.

Different is fabulous.

Unique is what makes the world richer.

We need the sweet variety of each other to take our world

from black and white to glorious colour.

Next time you feel annoyed by someone or yourself, rather than show that, maybe look at the uniqueness expressed and choose instead to celebrate that.

It will change your heart and it will speak incredible love into them.

We can speak light, life and love into the hearts of those around us and even into our very own heart too.

with love & joy

kim xx