How to have a great day today...

Hi, I’m Kim, nice to meet you, tell me about yourself….

What would you tell me?

Your job. Your family. Your faith. Your sports. Your hobbies.

That would be great and thank you. Those things would be a whole lot of stuff that you do but you may have told me very little about who you are.

It is a very big question. Who am I? Who am I, separate from what I do?

Words are so powerful. Who I am is so often defined by the words spoken over me.

If growing up I had someone say that I was lazy, that will become a part of the identity script inside my head. “I am lazy"

If I had someone speak belief, worth and value into me, that too will become a part of my inner monologue. “I have value, worth and believe I can do amazing things."

If I had someone tell me ‘failure is not an option’, I will believe that if I fail that makes me a failure. My ‘who am I’ script will say “I am a failure”.

If was bombarded with media and people telling me what ‘beautiful’ is, and I don’t match up, I will tell my self ‘I am unattractive, I am fat, I am not pretty’ and even possibly 'I am ugly'.

If trying new things was celebrated in my life, I will believe that I have courage, that “I am brave”.

What does your inner monologue speak about who you are?

Does it speak words of life, light and truth or cutting criticism, darkness and lies?

“The decisions you make are the life you live” - Gary Grant

The words I allow and choose to be a part of my internal script will impact the life I live.

I created this art piece to remind myself and others to speak light, life and truth about who we are.

I am kind. I am brave. I am loved. I am valued. I am beautiful. I am seen. I am worthy. I am calm. I am … These are the things to dwell on. These are the things to choose to speak over myself.

We need to listen to what we speak about ourselves in our own heads. We need to tell ourselves off when we speak negatively about ourselves. We are human. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes BUT we are not a mistake, we are not a failure, we are not ugly, we are not unlovable.

Today, sweet friends, choose carefully what you speak to yourself. Let it be that which builds you up rather than tears you down.

You are a unique treasure. You are loved, brave and kind. You are wanted, needed and belong.

How will you change your inner monologue today, to speak light, life and truth?