Pot Head.... actually, Healthy Head!

Do you remember making seed heads at primary school? We planted seeds in a cup and drew a face on them so that when the grass grew it would look like hair. Fun, as long as the grass actually grew!

Seeds are tiny. They don’t look like much, yet, they can grow into a stunning flower or a magnificent tree. Seeds are planted in our minds all the time. Sometimes we plant them, sometimes they blow in and sometimes others throw them at us. However they get into the soil of our minds. We are the gardeners. We have a choice, to feed, water and protect them or to rip them out.

Thoughts, doubts, fears, beliefs, dreams and ideas all begin as seeds. Some are truth. Some are lies. Some grow beauty that bear much fruit. Others grow weeds that can take over and strangle the sweet truth, dreams and ideas that grow alongside.

I would be lying if I said that being the gardener of your mind is always easy. Sometimes fighting the weeds, pulling them out and throwing them away is incredibly tiring. It can feel like they come back as quickly as they are pulled out. Mind gardening is not something to be done alone. We need others to help identify weeds. We need people we trust, to pull out the weed killer and hand it to us to spray on the lies that so easily take root in our minds.

BUT this seemingly never-ending weed-wacking, WILL reap a beautiful result. It allows space for truth to take root, to fill the space where lies have previously dwelled. The garden will grow. Beauty will flourish and you will begin to know the freedom of a healthy head, a fruitful mind and a space where the new can bloom and grow.

I painted this piece as a pretty reminder to fight. Fight to keep my head healthy, my mind free of lies and create a space for dreams, ideas and imaginings to bloom.

How does your mind garden look today?

Is there a bit of weeding needed?

Who are the sweet mind gardeners around you, helping keep that garden healthy and beautiful?

You my friends, can do this.

May you, this week be more aware of the garden in your mind and how to keep it flourishing.

with love & joy

kim xx

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