My brain .... a tiny bit Wild Crazy Beautiful

Inflating a giant confetti filled balloon is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Watching all those beautiful pieces of colour spin, tumble and fly as the air flows into the balloon is mesmerising. Getting the right size, without popping it is the scary part. When you accidentally go a tiny bit too far and the balloon pops, the explosion of colourful confetti spreading high, far and wide is actually so fun!

My mind often feels like this. It is a continual flood of wild, crazy and beautiful dreams, thoughts and adventures. Nights are sometimes spent lying awake because my brain is spiralling with this explosion of ideas.

For a lot of my life, I popped all of these into a box that said "I am a tiny bit nuts", but it turns out, these big brain thoughts are a part of who I am. They are what makes me, me. I am a dreamer. I imagine things that are a bit crazy enormous. I think of the wild, the out there. I am never short of an idea. My biggest issue in life, is having so many ideas that it is hard to know where to start, what to do first and how to do it well. It means that I sometimes start 100 different things because I love them all, but finish none, because I am too excited about the next one.

My heart delights in listening to any statement that starts with "Imagine if.." or "What if we could..." or "One day I want to ...." or "One day I will..."

These wild, crazy, beautiful thoughts, dreams and adventures are the birth place of invention, innovation, new businesses, new products, new travels, new art, new science discoveries, new books, new solutions, new plants, new recipes, new designs.... they are the birthplace of THE NEW!

So fabulous friends, let your mind explode with the all the colour of who you are. Let your wild, crazy and beautiful dreams, thoughts and adventures have a stage. Write them down, share them with a friend and lets celebrate this birthplace of all that is ahead.

with so much joy

kim xx

P.S. This artwork is the expression of what my mind often feels like ... "Crazy Wild Beautiful Dreams Thoughts Adventures" - AVAILABLE HERE NOW!