Tomorrow's JOY


When the day has been tough, when I wish that the day was finished - so

often in that moment Heaven’s artist paints a glorious picture across the sky.

The paint brush across the sky speaks to my heart of a new tomorrow, a fresh hope and sweet joy ahead.

Sweet beautiful friends, how has your day been?

Has it been exciting, fun, frustrating, sad, surprising, fabulous, satisfying, productive, overwhelming, annoying .....?

Mine has been the full range! All of the above. I have a list a mile long, that's a tiny bit overwhelming. I have new artworks and super fun products on the go, that's exciting. I ticked a few things off my list, that's satisfying. One thing took way longer than expected, that's frustrating. I have beautiful Andy to work with, that is fabulous. Photos of new products are not looking great so far, that's annoying. And I could go on.....

BUT no matter what my day has been - there is always a new moment, a fresh thought, a sweet truth that will impact my perspective and state of my heart.

It is easy to let one dark moment, one hard situation, one annoying person, one frustrating task colour the whole sky of my heart.

This painting was painted over and over and over again - each time my heart fought the dark thoughts of 'you suck', 'you can't do this', 'you are a joke.'

One such day, I looked out the studio window and before me was a sky painted lavishly with pinks and oranges. I walked outside and drank it in. It was in this moment that the artist of Heaven spoke to my heart. My heart absorbed fresh hope, sweet truth and tomorrow's joy.

What brush are you letting colour the state of your heart today?


Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

14x14” / 35.6 x 35.6cm



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