Hidden JOYS

July 26, 2018


Sometimes it feels like I am trudging through life, one foot in front of the other, watching carefully where to step next. Lost in the thick dense scrub of life, I am wandering. Often unsure of where I am going, what am I doing or or how I am going to get through this day, this hour or even this moment. My eyes get stuck looking down, focusing on one thing, on the next step .... then I feel a soft refreshing breeze, sense a gentle whisper or catch a glimpse of light - my head is drawn up, my eyes travel higher, my back straightens as I realise right in front of me amongst my trudge I have come to a Hidden Joy, a place of Rest, of Peace and Hope.

Often I don’t realise how much I need these spaces to sit, to rest & to rediscover peace until I get there. These Hidden Joys are all around me I just need to remember to lift my eyes, see them, feel them & experience them - there Peace & Joy are found.


with love & joy

kim xx


Hidden JOYS is the visual expression of these thoughts, the original is a big canvas that has sold but it is now available as a print in two parts - pink skies or butter blooms.  

Click HERE to take a closer look....


Hidden JOYS - pink skies



      Hidden JOYS - butter blooms 























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