Crazy Fabulous Joy Dance

She was so excited she couldn't sit still, stand still or contain the big beautiful beaming smile across her face. She was bursting with joy!  

My face was plastered with a cheesy grin, I couldn't wipe it off with a thousand baby wipes.  Tears of delight rolled down my cheeks.  My joy in her joy was overwhelming.

Joy is sometimes big, bursting, expressive and loud words.

Joy is sometimes a contented heart and a quietened soul.

Joy is sometimes a giddy dance of spinning or a series of giant fist pumps.

However joy looks, joy is sweet.  

Joy is found in the tiniest of moments each day as well as the big milestones of life.

Today joy for me has been:

      - a snuggle in bed with my youngest babe,

      - ticking off a to do list item,

      - a giggle at silly thoughts with a friend,

      - lunch delivered to my desk,

      - a phone call from my big girl,

      - a coffee with a homemade biscuit, and

      - sunshine out my window.

This  painting is "Joys Dance" it is the tiny moments, the big milestones, the loud shouts and the little whispers, the throw your arms in the air and the sweet sneaky smile that takes over your face in the very best of ways.  

Let's celebrate each and every moment of joy in our day.  Finding life's little joys will truly change your day, your outlook and your heart. 

What has joy been for you today?

kim xx


Original Acrylic Artwork

24"x 24" / 61cm x 61cm

$250 Click HERE to make it yours xx

Joys Dance Original Acrylic Artwork

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