Saying Goodbye Sucks

"Where my Heart finds Rest" Original Artwork

I thought I could be strong. I thought I could hold my tears. I thought I would be unaffected. I thought wrong!

Watching them leave, walk through the airport gate, walk along the tarmac, up the stairs and onto the plane out of my sight made my heart constrict and my eyes fill. Saying goodbye is hard even if only for a week. Letting go is hard.

Letting go of a dream, a relationship, an idea, a plan, a place, a job, a precious person … is super sad and often difficult, even when we know it is for the best or we are going to something even better.

How do you process these things in your heart? How do you find a place of peace and rest in the journey?

My place of rest is found when I stop, stop trying to hold it tighter, stop trying to make super detailed plans, stop trying to solve it all and stop trying to predict what might happen and prevent it.

When I finally accept it. When I finally choose to loosen my grip and let go, then and only then will I find rest. A giant sigh escapes my lips, a big deep fresh breath fills my lungs and my tight tense shoulders slowly relax. I gaze at the immense beautiful sky above me. I feast on the divine beauty in the nature around me. I am reminded that I am part of something much bigger. I become aware of the sweet symphony of the world around me, heaven sings gentle songs over me. Here I find rest for my heart.

The circumstances may not have changed, but my heart has. My hands are open, my eyes look heavenward and my heart although still a tiny bit sad knows sweet rest and peace.

What are you learning to let go of at the moment?

How will your heart find rest?

kim xx

"Where my Heart finds Rest"

Original acrylic artwork on Canvas, 14"x14"/35.6cm x 35.6cm, $100.

To have this piece in your home or office click => HERE

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