Happy Face Slap lesson from my kids!

Hydrangea print

Better Together! Heart exploding! Tears leaking! Pride bursting!

This last week was musical production week for two of my kids. I was overwhelmed with the way 60 secondary kids worked together and gave their absolute all to create an incredible show.

What I loved even more than the show, was the way they celebrated one another. From the back stage crew, make up artists, lighting crew, ensemble, lead roles right through to the directors. They get it! They get that we need each other. They get that it is about celebration and collaboration, not competition! They delighted in one another, understood how each person was essential to make this big giant show the success that it was. My kids are often my greatest teachers. They challenge my competitive nature to choose celebration. They reminded me the importance of together, the crucial need for each other. As I stared at the hydrangeas on my screen saver, I was reminded of the very same thing. I love love love hydrangeas! They make me smile. I love that it takes lots of tiny blooms and creates one magnificent one. They remind me that we need each other, we need family, we need community. We need each other, to encourage, to believe in, to cheer for, to hold, to be known and to know…. this creates ‘magnificent’. Friends, thanks for being a part of my bloom. kim xx

Hydrangea "Better Together" Print now available HERE our little art print shop

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