Stop racing or it won't end well...

I have never run a marathon, nor am I ever planning to, that is all kinds of crazy, my legs were never made to move that fast for that far! But to those who aspire to, have done or currently do run marathons - I am in awe, you are crazy amazing!!

Imagine, if they ran a marathon. Had a big carb-loading pasta meal, much needed chocolate and then hopped back out there and ran another one, and then another and another!! Eventually, surely, their bodies would hit fatigue and start to shut down until they listened, stopped, rested and refuelled properly.

The problem is, I have often lived like this. I go from one crazy busy season to the next with only one sleep-in, one rest day, one day of mind space. The result for me is a grumpy, exhausted (but in that moment, I'm not admitting it), impatient and not lovely version of myself.

On Monday, it was 10:35am and I was snuggled on the couch in my flamingo dressing gown and grey sparkly slippers, choosing for the first time to create space for rest between the races/marathons of life. The last 3 months have been like a sprint over a marathon distance.

I am an expert at cramming a lot in. I am capable of getting a lot done, juggling a lot of balls. Life is full of seasons. This season has been a slightly crazy one. My next season doesn't have to be quite so ridiculous. My default response is to fill it up, cram it full but today I say NO, I will sit, stop and listen to the Spirit within me.

I am new to this stopping thing, my past attempts have failed dismally. Today I will choose to embrace a new season, a space of slower pace, less programmed minutes, more pausing, more looking, listening and loving myself and others.

Like Bears hibernate for the winter, I am going to spend winter in my own "creative cave", dreaming, painting, creating, planning and preparing for the other seasons.

I am excited for this next season. I know I will be itching to jump to the next season before this one is finished, that's how I roll. So friends, please challenge me to stay present in this season, enjoy it, embrace it and encourage it. Be present in the now.

What season are you in at the moment?

Does it feel like a tough one, a trudge, a challenge to put one foot in front of the other? Does it feel full of unknowns, scary and unpredictable?

Does it feel same old, same old - a bit boring, routine, stuck?

Does it feel like it is overwhelming, too big, too hard?

Does it feel free, restful, joyful, peaceful?

Does it feel surprising and exciting?

What ever season you or I are in at the moment, know that it is a season. Seasons end and new ones start. Seasons all have sweet moments, even when we can't see them.

Let's be the voice of hope to each other in all seasons and be reminded by this truth from the wisdom of Solomon. "To everything there is a season"

You are fabulous no matter what season, even if you don't believe it, it is true!

With love & joy

kim xx

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