Prickly Beautiful

Prickly Beauty / Prickly Pear Cactus Print

So many tiny little cactus spikes embedded in my fingers! I could barely see them let alone try and get the stupid things out!

Finally freed of those pesky prickles, getting on with my day, only to reach for my coffee to realise that ‘NO! There is still yet another one in there!’ I hate this little plant! It may look cute but it gets stuck in me and in that moment it’s beauty is lost. I am ready to chuck it as far as I can throw it or bury it in a hole so deep it can never impale me again!

When relationships get hard, when my heart hurts, when my eyes leak, when my brain scrambles to find meaning, purpose or understanding … in these prickly painful moments, I want to hide away from the circumstances, the people or the pain - bury my heart in a hole deep, protected and hidden from the prickles of life.

Beauty isn’t found in the hiding, in the burying or in building walls around my heart. The pain of pulling out and facing all the prickles of life is time consuming and super tiring. But the end result, is a real, honest, heart understanding of myself and a beautiful heart connection with others and my Creator.

Choosing to open our hearts to be known by others and to know their hearts in return is risky. We will inevitably find prickles. We will need to choose to stay the path. Commit to ‘prickle pulling’ and ‘prickle examination’, followed by, most importantly, learning from those pesky prickles.

The reward for such labour intensive, pain staking work is incredible beauty.

Beauty found in faithful friendship that sticks with you through the ‘ugly’, through the prickles because it knows, sees and believes in your heart.

Beauty found in a fresh, truth-filled understanding and knowing of who we are, without the prickles.

Beauty found in freedom to live unencumbered by fear of being hurt or of hurting others.

Today, as I sit here on my second coffee, my heart knows that so much of the beauty I now experience is because I have extracted, examined and been educated by the prickles I once wore to protect myself.

There is so much beauty beneath the prickles.

Will you join me in looking beneath the prickles to see the incredible breathtaking beauty that emerges?

with love & joy

kim xx

Prickly Beauty / Prickly Pear Cactus Print

Prickly Beauty

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