Tooth picks for my Eyes!

I need tooth picks to keep my eyes open.

I am struggling to string more than necessary words together.

I am holding a headache off at arms length.

Yet, I sit here in my usual blog writing cafe, still trying.

I have started 6 different posts in 6 different ways - none of them ‘work’.

Bottom line is, I am just too tired. I need to stop. I need to slow. I need to give myself permission to take my foot off the accelerator, ease onto the brake, pull onto the ‘rest point’ and do exactly that ‘rest’.

So instead of writing anything funny or deep or inspiring, today I just want to encourage you to listen to your heart and your body. We don’t always need to push through, toughen up or tick all the boxes.

The best for my day is more often found in pausing and asking myself NOT ‘What is the best use of my time today?’ BUT rather ‘What is the wise use of time for me today?’

Wisdom is gained, not just in looking at the now, but in looking at the bigger overall picture of my life this week/month/year.

Taking time out today to stop, will ultimately mean the rest of my week will look a whole lot more productive, my perspective on the world will be brighter and the skip in my step will return.

Today, wisdom is not suppressing how I feel and what I need, but it is choosing to listen, acknowledge and act on it.

Choices like these will not only impact my today, but also my whole week - helping me be the best and true version of me.

As my couch beckons, will you consider….

What is wise for you today? What do you need to do or not do to be the best version of you?

Love to hear your thoughts.

with love & joy

kim xx

P.S. I can only be the me I was created to be, when I am wise about how I look after me.