BIG Badges and other Labels!

It was the highly anticipated 'Tootie Card'. Tootie, is the affectionate nick name for my fabulous aunt, who each birthday finds the amazing, the unusual and quite often a flamboyantly musical card. The whole room gets hushed as this card is opened. I remember my daughter being given a badge card that said 'princess', she pinned it on and wore it proudly declaring to everyone that she was a beautiful princess!

What badges do you wear? What labels do you put on yourself? What have others put on you?

Are you brave? Are you a risk taker? Is it a word you label yourself with or only others? Recently, I sat in a group where we had to write things that we like about ourselves. I was in a really positive frame of mind so my list didn’t feel too difficult. I am friendly. I dream big. I am optimistic Then someone said to me “You are brave”. Yet, I couldn’t see it. It was a badge I struggled to put on. Why? Brave, for me, in my sometimes warped brain, was a word for others but not for me, a word I happily gave out, a word for people who do hard things, face giants, win battles and are warriors in their worlds. I was challenged to re-think my weird internal rules, ask myself some simple questions. Do I do hard things? Have I done that which I fear? Do I fight battles and win? Have I faced scary situations? Yes, Yes, Yes and YES. I am a parent, which often feels like I am digging for gold in a minefield with a blindfold on. Yes, I can do hard things. I a business owner who longs for success and fears failure, yet I have taken a risk by following my dreams where there is no guarantee of success, in fact all the stats are against me. Yes, I have done things that I fear. I a human, with a brain that likes to go into overdrive. I sometimes think too much, overanalyse and assume things - I regularly battle the lies in my head and replace them with truth. Yes, I fight battles and win. I am a sister, a friend, an aunty, a daughter, a mother, a wife and a dreamer who has walked the journey of sickness, death, lost relationship, lost work, lost homes, lost hope and so much more. Yes, I have faced scary situations. I would bet my life, that you have too!

You have done hard things.

You have done things you fear.

You have fought battles and won.

You have faced scary situations. You and I my friend are BRAVE. We are RISK TAKERS. We are COURAGEOUS. We need to wear that badge. Our courage is fuelled like petrol on a fire. When we remind ourselves of what we do and have done, when we can see what others see in us, then we can step further into scary spaces knowing that we have done it before and can do it again. You are one amazing incredible and COURAGEOUS human!

Wear it boldly, proudly and loudly!

kim xx

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