Emotional Crap in an Adult Splash

"I just want one morning of peace. Where everyone is kind, everyone thinks before words pop out of their mouths, everyone chooses to extend grace and everyone quickly chooses to forgive one another.”

As I sat in the car after dropping the kids off at school, this was the cry of my heart. Yet there was a still small voice that gently whispered in amongst these loud thoughts - “How are you going with those things Kim?” All of a sudden, my life became a movie that had been rewound for me to watch my morning from the inside out. I could see my frustrated thoughts that materialised into exasperated responses, impatient answers and tone that reeked of anything but love and kindness. I may not be verbally vomiting my emotional crap all over the kitchen like my kids but it is oozing out of me in an adult kind of splash. It isn’t all bad. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I surprise myself with my patience, kindness and gentleness. Sometimes I give myself a pat on the back, a secret self high-five (bit nerdy, I know) and remember that it is a learning growing journey - I am more frequently patient, and gentle than I was 12 months ago. BUT I am reminded of the wisdom of a guy named James from the bible who said "Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” If I PAUSE for a moment and LISTEN to the heart of what is happening beyond the words being expressed. If I HOLD my words for a few seconds more, take a breath and FILTER through the hundreds of possible responses. If I CHOOSE words that will calm, love and yet still speak truth - then and only then do I have a chance at being SLOW to anger. This week I will plaster this on my wall, the screen of my phone, my desk and hopefully tattoo it on my heart. “Let’s be QUICK to listen, SLOW to speak and SLOW to become angry”

Will you join me in seeking this week to do this?

kim xx

P.S. Want to pop this on your wall, desk, fridge or bedside table? Click HERE to check out this new ART print in my little online shop.

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