Me, the Grumpy Taxi

7 trips from home and back. From 7:30 am until 6pm. In and out. Back and forward. On days like this I truly understand the 'mums taxi' stickers on the back of cars.

Often the conversation in my head is one of whinging and complaining.... 'I am so over driving, so sick of all the in and out.... it is the weekend and I just want to sit on the couch for a moment.' If I'm honest it is an adult tantrum.

BUT this weekend was different. This time, I honestly enjoyed each moment of one on one time chatting with my precious three babes. I treasured the time of debriefing their different thoughts and feelings about their days activities.

WHY was it different? How did this day have such a sweet flavour compared to others that have been like a bitter lemon?


I had, for a change, miraculously set the bar realistically. Too frequently I have an expectation of what I will get done in the day that is unrealistic and ridiculous. I set myself up for disappointment and frustration. I then morph into a grumpy, impatient and unsmiling Kim, which is not fun for my family. In fact it isn't fair that they are inflicted with monster mum because I have set stupid expectations.

BUT, yay! I entered this Saturday with no expectation of getting anything done other than the privilege of transporting, feeding, loving and listening to my babes. The result was, I finished the day with very little petrol in my car but plenty of joy in my heart.

All it took was a simple change of expectation on my day and on myself.

My word for this year is FLOURISH. It is easy to just exist, to just get by, to survive. This year I want to not just survive but to thrive and flourish. Flourishing to me, implies lush beautiful growth. Like the tree that has grown taller, roots gone deeper and spread wider but hasn't yet filled with gorgeous green leaf growth. This year my hearts desire is to see new leaves grow and see the tree begin to look a little bit more established.

Setting realistic expectations on my days, being kind to myself when I need rest, keeping constant check on my thoughts, keeping my eyes and heart on truth and being ever aware that life is in a constant state of change and adjusting my expectations accordingly. I know that I won't always get it right, but I also know that when I do my heart will know joy and I will start to FLOURISH.

What will you do this year to FLOURISH?

Kim xx

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