Hill top to injections in my behind! (Finding Peace)

Finding Peace Original Artwork

Do you ever wish that you could live in the constant hill top experiences of life? I most certainly do!

But ... Without valleys there are no hills. Without climbs there are no views.

Can peace be found in both?

December was an incredible month! Markets, open Studio Shop, new products and meeting so many incredible people, all amongst my favourite season of Christmas. I was full to the brim - so encouraged, inspired and loving every minute. Every moment was filled, not enough sleep was had, a little too many delicious treats were consumed but it was so fun!

Post Christmas. Tear stained face, darkened room, curled in a ball waiting for the doctor to arrive. Each minute felt like an eternity. I needed him to inject medication to stop the vomiting and bring migraine pain relief. No longer on the hill top, I had found the valley physically.

From a lush waterlily filled pond to a dried up, crack filled, clay baked hole. I sat in front of a page armed with pencils, paint and water - nothing came, no flow, forced lines and clashing colours. No longer on the hill top, I had found the valley creatively.

Physical rest for me is easy in January. Normally out of physical rest flows creativity, but there were no images in my head, no colours in my mind. I was avoiding painting. It was a hill to climb. I was so restless within, allowing fear to win. Fear that creativity had an expiry date and mine had come.

This painting, 'Finding Peace', is a result of me facing that fear and beginning to climb that bushy trackless hill. I love it now - but went through many 'I hate it' moments, I was ready to paint over it and quit. My thoughts as I painted fluctuated and spun, were fast and slow. To be completely honest, they were a little lost and scared that I could no longer 'do this'. I had spent a few days avoiding even trying, in this space there was no peace.

Peace for me in life, as in painting this piece, was found not in avoiding these spaces of discomfort, frustration or sadness but in walking through the rough, the prickles and the scrub of life. Making a path through, choosing to put just one foot in front of the other. Holding onto truth as I take each step and happening upon an unexpected sweet oasis of beauty amongst it all. An oasis that opens up, causes me to release a relieved and contented sigh. An oasis that I enjoy and value even more because of the journey it took to discover it.

with joy & delight

kim xx

'Finding Peace'

24x24"/61x61cm original on canvas is now available in the shop for $250.

To visit this peace piece click => HERE to check it out.

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