Heart Exploding!

Like a party popper gushing streamers, my heart was bursting with joy & thankfulness.

Last week, as a little family we had our celebrate the year and thankfulness night. The table was laden with delights for our tummies, there were presents given and we took in turns pulling out and reading notes from a massive jar, that we had each written expressing all the things we were grateful for during the last 12 months.

Each of my sweet babes and spunky man had written out why they were thankful for me (and each other), ranging from hugs, to laughing together, to being an adventurer and for my 'smashing' of an 8 week challenge as well as starting a business.

It is easy to think that what you do and how you manage life goes unnoticed, unseen and is unimportant to the worlds of those around you. BUT they see, they notice, they learn and they make subconscious notes on how to manage their lives both now and in the future. You matter!

Encouraged and a tiny bit scared by this responsibility and privilege - I enter this last week before Christmas wanting to model the joy and hope of this season NOT the busy, pressured and crazy. I am choosing to try and make sure this week is enjoyed and not endured, treasured and not trashed.

This is the time of Hope, Light & Love.

kim xx

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