Heart with a Growing Leak.

I have a love/hate relationship with parties! I love to be there for the incredible person we are celebrating, I love it when I get there and my 'extrovert' self kicks in, BUT when I am sitting at home, looking far from glamorous with a glass of my favourite drink, snuggled on the couch with my family, a party is the last place I want to go.

Yesterday was one such day. All I wanted was to do was sit on the couch, put my feet up and binge watch 'When Calls the Heart" with my sweet girls. Instead I sat in a bar booth with low expectations.

The band strummed their first tune, sung their first notes and it was like my spinning busy world stopped. Eyes welling up with tears, my heart was warmed and my soul touched.

Life is ramping up in the lead up to Christmas. The parental taxi is doing more kilometres than usual. Schedules are getting trickier to co-ordinate. Lists of things to do are getting longer.

Like a bucket with a growing leak, my heart empties more quickly in this busy season. I need to make sure that it is refilled and refreshed so that this beautiful Christmas season isn't just endured but rather enjoyed.

Lodged in a very cool inner city bar yesterday, my heart was topped up, my soul refreshed and the spring restored to my step. It was unexpected but so lovely.

Making time to do that which fills me, will mean that this fun joy-filled season, is exactly that - FUN and full of JOY! For me, that means planning time for Christmas craft-a-thons with my kids, time spent watching Christmas movies as a family, lazy lay in bed mornings, coffee with delightful people, keeping some nights free for relaxed dinner on the deck .... my list could go on and on. So many things that fill my heart, just need to make sure I do them!

What fills up your heart? What will you make space for? How will you make sure you FIND JOY and not just endure this season?

kim xx

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