An Eye roll ....

I hate 'to do' lists! I know my mind is getting chaotic when I reach for a pen and start writing down all the things that are cluttering my mind, for fear that a few may fall to the wayside and be forgotten.

Sometimes I convince myself that a mental 'to do' list will be enough. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am horribly wrong.

My problem lies not in the to do list, but in the frustration of an interruption to my 'to do' list. I can get so focused or excited about what I am doing that an interruption is treated to an eye roll, a frustrated sigh or an annoyed response.

Interruptions are a lot like the space between the lines on a page. They are the place where the important things often find themselves. They are space where my 'busy busy' finds a moment of beauty, an opportunity to love, the space to see what wasn't there before or a deep breath to remind myself of the precious nature of time and capturing each glimpse of life.

Today was one such day. I had a plan, I had a mental list of things I wanted to do. Yet, life instead had two beautiful interruptions for me, in the form of my sweet girls. One home sick, the other exhausted after a weekend dance concert marathon.

The day wasn't how I had originally planned, but as I slowly brushed the knots from hair, made hot drinks, cooked up a stack of pancakes, visited two doctors, had a visit from an adorable aunt and a pop-in hello from a fabulous friend - I paused and was reminded that it is crucial for me to 'allow life to be interrupted'. People matter more than pace or perfection or performance - they are the best interruption of all.

So friends, will you join me in holding back the eye roll, the frustrated sigh or the annoyed response and choose instead, to 'allow life to be interrupted' this week?

I promise, it will be worth it.

kim xx

'Beautiful Interruptions'

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