Why do I complicate life?

Nearly 4 years ago, we lost our sweet precious 7 year old niece, suddenly and unexpectedly. As you can imagine, it broke our hearts and rocked our worlds. Jemima was sunshine and delight, we will miss her forever.

Tragedy certainly has a way of shaping, changing and altering your life perspective. All of a sudden, the things I had previously thought were important, no longer mattered. In an instant, life no longer felt complicated but instead was incredibly simple.

Simple is the sweetest way of life. It is not overthinking. It is not losing perspective on love and that people matter most. It is living in the now and treasuring every moment.

Yet, I so quickly complicate life and forget, that simple is the sweetest way. I listen to too many opinions, thoughts and ideas of others - I make up, what I assume, others might be thinking about me, my business or my life. I try to solve everything all at once. I try to have all the answers. I try too hard, I seek out all the alternatives when the obvious, most simple one is right in front of me.

"I just want to have a day where I don't have to make so many decisions" said with an annoying whinging voice. These were my words to Michael when I was in the throws of setting up kim miatke ART, building a website, creating, sorting and sourcing product etc. It was overwhelming to say the least.

In this process, I asked others for their thoughts and opinions, the problem was, so many different and great ideas only confused me more. Ultimately, I created the most crazy ridiculous price structure - 5 sizes with 5 different price structures.... SO SILLY and SO confusing for my poor customers.

"Ding" the light bulb went on, finally I realised that like in life, I had made things too complicated when the sweetest way is simplicity.

Now it is super simple, yay!! (See below for my wiz bang simple new price guide - I shake my head as I write, wondering why it has taken me 6months to figure this out)

Simplicity is the sweetest way. Will you join me this week in seeking to see the simple things? Enjoy the simple things? Peal back the layers of complication, where possible, and find that 'Simple is the Sweetest way'.

kim xx


Keeping it Simple

mini - $7.95

A5 - $15

A4 - $30

A3 - $50

A2 - $80



'Simple is the sweetest way' is available HERE today my little shop.

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