Exposing Lies & Declaring Truth

With wet knees, muddy hands and tired arms I shook that sifting pan for all it was worth, determined to find the gold hidden in the dirt. After what felt like hours, I caught a glimmer of gold, I paused and peered closely to spot that piece of treasure I had just unearthed. I ran to the gold panning stand, bursting with excitement - I had found gold! Safe and secure inside a tiny bottle I proudly showed anyone and everyone my gold.

Why is it, that I don't peer as closely at my life to see the gold within me? Why do I not search passionately and then declare it proudly?

Lies. Dirty rotten lies embedded deep in my heart. They are the dirt in the pan. They tell me that there isn't any gold. They tell me that if I find any that it isn't as good, as big or shiny as someone else's.

This weekend I had the privilege of sharing my journey with a bunch of incredible women. My journey of shaking off, sifting out and tossing away the dirt / lies and finding a way to discover, see and treasure the gold / truth in and about myself. We laughed, we cried and we celebrated as each of us began to see the truth about ourselves by washing off and throwing away the lies that we more easily believe.

Gold that was always there, inside each one of us. Sometimes we just need to turn on the tap of truth to was away the dirt and see the treasure within. It is in this space that we find true freedom and incredible rest.

It is a little bit like these flowers that from a distance look pink but the closer you get, the more carefully you look and the more time you take, you see the gold that is within them. The gold was always there, they just need to be able to blossom in the light, out from under the darkness. The Heavenly gardener takes the flower into the light and creates the perfect space for it to blossom into all it was created to be.

Don't let the lies in your head define or defeat you. Expose them to the light and let truth seep in.

Don't do it alone. Do it in the company of fellow flowers all learning to do the same thing. Together we are stronger, together we can help one another to spot the gold, when we are struggling to see it in ourselves.

Fight lies with truth. Get rid of the dirt and discover the gold.

Become a gold digger this week.

Kim xx

Blossoming Gold original acrylic work by Kim Miatke 2017

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