Revising life.... changes, changes

I am one of those weird people that like change, get excited by the new thing, a new way of doing something, a new direction, a new angle, a new understanding.

BUT for some dumb reason, I often forget to remind myself to look over what I am currently doing, decisions I have made, plans put in place and create space to question, to re-asess, to revise.

'A change truely can be as good as a holiday' - the change in our Melbourne weather this week certainly has had that effect. The sun is shining, the thongs are out, the deck is once again a beautiful place to sit and people appear to be smiling a bit more.

What in your life needs a little revision, re-visit, re-assessement?

Mine has been practical, emotional and spiritual - almost everything!

The BIGGEST thing that needed revising though was how I was managing my thoughts, the wild and crazy words that swim around in my head. What was I giving air play to? What lies was I hanging out with? What was I allowing space in my brain?

'I can't do this' - is the most common lie in my head. It freezes me from moving forward. It stops me from revising. It stops me from stepping into that life giving space called change.

Plastered across the pin board of my heart this week is: I can do this.

It is ok to change your mind. It is ok to alter previously made decisions. It is ok to re-do things to make them better.

This week I have embraced this. I am redoing a painting (pictured), I am altering print prices, I kicking out 'I can't do this' thoughts and I am changing 3 talks that I have to give at a women's retreat this weekend.

What will change / revision / reassessment will you visit this week?

Where in your world can a bit of change breath some freshness?

"Echoing my joy" original acrylic on 30x30" canvas. Modelled by my sweet Matilda.

To read the story and journey behind "Echoing my Joy" or if you think she might belong in your home click on the photo above.