Love BIG with BIG Love

Ever been in an earthquake or tremor. I have only ever experienced a slight tremor, but I was amazed at how it really did shake everything right down to the foundations of the house.

Recently I felt like the foundations of trust in myself were shaken. When what I thought to be true, wasn't, when what I believed seemed to be a lie, the core of who I am and how I do life felt rocked like an earthquake reaching super high on the richter scale. I was at a loss to even know how to process my own thoughts, what to do with them, where to even start.

Shaken, raw and vulnerable I made a choice to open up and expose my heart, thoughts and feelings to a beautiful friend. She listened, she loved and she sort to understand my world in that moment. This is BIG LOVE.

Big love arrives in the hands of a sweet friend who believes in you, sees you warts and all, celebrates your courage and encourages you to reach higher, dream bigger and fight harder for your destiny and purpose.

I was loved big with big love, and it bought healing to my heart and helped me through this hiccup in life.

Love BIG friends.

To LOVE BIG is like an icy cold drink on a stinking hot day.

To LOVE BIG is like the relief of a tissue when your nose is about to drip.

To LOVE BIG is like a full night sleep weeks after your new born arrives.

Let's Love BIG this week with gigantic, enormous, amazing, life giving - BIG LOVE!

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