Bloom Baby Bloom (Grass is Greener Syndrome)

bloom where you are planted. Peach, Pink, Black, White, watercolour, ink, text.

Sometimes I don't love where I am planted. Other people's garden beds look easier, prettier, less rocky, better fed, cleaner, more appealing.... but no matter how good the garden of others lives looks, it doesn't change where I am planted. I need to call this what it is - envy - jealousy - green-eyed monster..... until I accept and choose to see the good in where I am planted I will stunt my ability to bloom.

A casual browse through any social media channel can inspire, motivate and encourage me. Conversely, it can also send me into a spiral of comparison. "They are so gifted, they are so talented, they are so creative, they are so clever." All true and great to acknowledge until I veer from celebrating them to criticising me. "You aren't as good, you have no ideas, you have no training, who do you think you are calling yourself an artist??"

Sound familiar? Do you get stuck in comparison?

Comparison kills creativity and steals joy. Comparison stops me being me, stops me dreaming, trying, exploring and discovering. It is like a blindfold to the good in me and a magnifying glass on the good in you.

Let's rip off those blindfolds. See the incredible in ourselves, see all that is, all that can be and choose to bloom big bright and beautifully where we are.

Will you choose with me, to bloom where you are planted today?

'Bloom baby Bloom'

This painting is an expression of these thoughts.

A4 original watercolour/ink artwork is mounted on A3 acid-free mat board. You can own this original artwork for $80 by clicking HERE.

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