I'm just average....

Hi, my name is Kim and I am a success addict.

In high school I was an all rounder, which is code for - good at a lot of things but not great or amazing at anything, average. My brother was a brilliant musician. My sister topped the class in art. I did ok at sport, music, academia but I didn't feel like I excelled at anything.

The seeds of failure were scattered in the garden bed of my heart. The world around me celebrated success, celebrated self-reliance, celebrated money and 'having it all together'. I brought in to this hook, line and sinker. I made it my personal mission to be 'successful'. Failure was not an option I was willing to entertain.

I became an expert at saying 'no' to doing or trying anything that I might not be great at. I kept people at arms length, giving little or no opportunity to get close enough to get a whiff of the failure I felt I was.

Fear of failure, for a very long time stopped me from being me, knowing me and becoming the true me.

The longer you live with failure as your master, the longer it takes to pry its vice like grip off your soul. The lies failure speaks to you become like a comforting blanket, even though the blanket is made of barbed wire, constantly ripping at the core of who you are.

It has been a big, painful, scary and very vulnerable journey BUT worth every single second to now live disentangled from the cruel grip of failure and the hard task master of success addiction.

I have learnt the key truth that: I may fail but I am not a failure.

I can do this. I have already won by trying. I am more able than I realise.

I could never have walked out the road to freedom from failure and success addiction without people whispering, speaking and sometimes yelling "YOU CAN DO THIS" at me, when I didn't think I could.

Guess what guys? You can too!

You can do this. You've already have won just by trying. You are so much more able than you realise. You can totally, easily do this. You will be amazing. You are made for this.

kim xx

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