Exposed Knickers. Exposed Heart.

Bravest thing Print in Oak Frame

Wearing a pretty skirt, in kindergarten I would hang upside down on the monkey bars flashing my knickers for all to see, yell 'smarty pants, smarty pants', swing back up and giggle, giggle, giggle.

Fast forward 25 years and I am again wearing a pretty skirt. The scene is no longer a playground but a shopping centre, no longer just some fellow 4 year olds but a whole crowd of humans, no longer a fun innocent game but a 'please ground open up and swallow me' type situation. My 2 year old, ran to me, clung to my legs and in order to get my attention gave a little tug on my skirt........ result - skirt no longer on my waist but around my legs, knickers no longer hidden beneath pretty skirt but exposed out for all to see, and see they did.....

Actually, I don't really know who saw, because there was no way I was looking up to make eye contact with anyone. I was desperately trying to remember which undies I had popped on that morning, desparately hoping they weren't the saggy baggy bottom ones that had been in my draw for too long....

Exposed physically and exposed emotionally can have super similar feelings. 2016 for me was a year of exposure, thankfully not of the underwear variety, but of the 'who am I' variety.

If I had written a book of my journey through last year, it would have be titled 'Who the hell am I anyway?'

Trying to understand who I am was actually more difficult than I ever thought. Learning that who I am is not connected to productivity or world defined 'success' but by whose I am and what my Creator says about me. This space offers me freedom beyond imagination coupled with the rest and peace my soul thirsts for.

Last year I started this journey towards knowing, understanding and living out who I am. It was messy, scary, confusing and sad but full of constant pops of hope, joy and peace that only Heaven could gift me.

While walking this road last year, I sat snuggled with my girls watching the beautiful Disney Cinderella movie. The words of the narrator and the story of identity spoke to my heart. They inspired me to create this set of words. I have it hung on my bedroom wall, each day I read it and am reminded to be me.

The discovery of who I am and how to live 'me' is a continual journey but one in which I make a daily choice to be 'brave and expose who I really truly am.'

Will you join me in this daily choice?

"The Bravest thing anyone can do is to Expose who they Really Truly are"

by Kim Miatke 2016

This print is a part of the 'EYES to SEE' Series that will be released on Wednesday 23 August, 2017.

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