Fizzy and Drippy Eyes...

'Echoing my JOY' - Kim Miatke 2017

Echoing my Joy - original floral artwork by Kim Miatke

"Fizzy makes my eyes drippy mum..."

Friday in our house is also known as "Fizzy Friday", the day when the kids are allowed a cup of fizzy (soft drink) with their dinner.

When Matilda was first allowed to have "fizzy", she would put her eyes and nose into the top of the cup to study it. The result was "drippy eyes", otherwise known as watery eyes from all the little bubbles popping off it's surface.

Watery eyes are my trademark.

Pre-kids, I was as tough as they came. No tears, no crying at movies or ads on TV.

Clearly with the birth of our kids, the flood gates where opened.

I am now that soppy, teary, over-smiley mum. You cannot talk to me while my kids are performing, playing, dancing, speaking or anything public for that matter.... not just because I don't want to miss it, but because I am fighting the teary flood gates that are threatening to open.

In our house we have labeled them "Happy Tears".

Can complete extremes exist at the same time? Can we be sad and happy at the same time?

It is strange that it has been in the hardest times of my life, with a heart broken by grief, that I learnt more about joy than in the good times. Joy that is not affected by what is happening around me.

These times I went slower and paused more. There I found joy. Joy in pausing to marvel at the colour and intricate design of each flower that crossed my path, right alongside a grief haze that made even shopping for food really hard.

Sweet pretty unassuming flowers were what stopped me as I wandered along in that daze of grief. They 'Echoed my Joy', even when my heart was breaking, they reminded me that there is a Creator who took delight in creating them, and takes even greater delight in loving, caring for and holding me.

It was in grief that I found more joy. It was in sadness that I discovered hope. It was in the flowers that my joy was echoed.

"Echoing my Joy" - Kim Miatke 2017


'Echoing my Joy' is a 30x30" original painting on canvas by Kim Miatke.

It is available for purchase through Little Cactus in store or online. Little Cactus - Shop 2&3/30-32 Mc Adam Square, Croydon, VIC, Australia. p. 03 97249290