Half full, half empty or smashed on the floor...

There is something good in everyday - A4 print

You are all awesome!! After last weeks 'honest confession', so many of you shared your journey and encouraged me in mine. Thank you!!

This week, honestly, has been a big turn around in my thinking and my perspective which has flowed into my heart.

I am not an avid youtube watcher, unless it is truely hilarious, like wet your pants (sorry for the overshare), but this week I was sent a clip, so while waiting in the car at school, I watched a business coach speak on good news/bad news and how to live in contentment. Bear with me, here is a quick summary....

There will always be good news and there will always be bad news. I get to choose whether I live from a space of expecting the good or waiting for the bad.

I guess really it was a fresh perspective on the good old "glass half full or glass half empty" story.

It was like a cool drink on a hot day, a sneaky piece of chocolate once the kids are in bed or that first sip of coffee as you start the day.... I savoured the moment and reflected on who I am, really truely vs who I was currently living as.

I am a glass half full kind of gal, always expecting the good BUT I had slipped into glass half empty mode, waiting for the next blow, the next brick wall, the next bad thing.

Like pushing the re-boot button on my computer, I pressed the re-boot button on my heart and mind, and found the real Kim. The Kim that sees good in each day. Wakes up expecting great things. Looks for the sweet moments of joy amongst the sometimes hard slog of parenting.

When I view life from the vantage point of expecting good things, I will see more good everyday. It doesn't mean the bad won't be there but it will arrive amidst the good I am seeing.

This is why gratitude journals are amazing. They make you stop each day to look for the good, see the joy and celebrate it, despite the storm we may be in.

What vantage point are you looking at life from?

Expecting good news or waiting for the bad.

Will you join me this week, in pushing the re-boot button and start each day expecting, looking for and celebrating even the tiniest of good in your day?

"There is something good in everyday!"


"There is something good in everyday" A4 fine art print - available on the website for one week starting today (7/8) until next Monday (14/8) @ 1pm AEST**. As a blog reader you can have this A4 print for just $29. SHOP NOW

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** until released as part of a collection

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