My mind-numbing drug...

'Wildflowers - Right Here, Right Now' - Kim Miatke 2017 Limited Ed. Print

Mindless phone scrolling.... how much time do I waste?

Flicking through instagram, facebook, snapchat, ello.... and pinterest! My goodness, I could lose a whole month of my life on pinterest.

Why do I do it? Why do I zone out into this space?

Escape. Avoidance. Procrastination.

I hide in this mindless space.

What am I missing when I enter into this mind-numbing space?

This week I was struggling to write a talk and answer questions for an interview... so I numbed my mind to it, with the drug called 'social media'. But it didn't help. I felt worse for having wasted time and missed life in the process.

In that sweet fuzzy space between wake and sleep on Sunday night, I was woken with the words "Right Here, Right Now", spoken so clearly to my spirit. These words woke me in more ways than one.

Like someone shaking me from my stupor, my mind-numbed space...

Kim, are you "right here, right now" - really present?

Kim, what are you missing in the now by dwelling on the 'if only'?

Kim, what is passing you by as you wish for what is to come?

Open your eyes. Stop those rushing feet. Slow your swirling mind. Still those busy hands.


I can get so caught up in what has happened and what should be happening, that I miss what IS happening.

What are you and I missing when we aren't 'RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW'?

Our past is a springboard to our future, not a place to camp out.

Our future is something to dream about and plan for but not live in.

Our now is precious. Our now is irreplaceable. Our now is right in front of us.

I only see the wildflowers in amongst the grass when I pause, when I look, when I relax, and when I live in the now. Otherwise I miss the beauty right in front of me.

Today friends, will you take up the challenge to be RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and see the wildflowers in your day?

"Wildflower dream - Right Here, Right Now" (Kim Miatke, 2017) Limited Edition Print.

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