Exploding Pipes, Bad Coffee and Inappropriate Santa's ....

Beach sunset - Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

10 Lessons learnt on our Holiday

1. DON'T start an 8 week challenge when you are about to go on a holiday

It will be great, she thought. I can watch them eat treats, she decided. I can enjoy a holiday without cheese and chocolate, she declared.


My wise husband had said to me... "maybe start your 8 week challenge after our holiday" - He was right. I got about 2 hours in and very very quickly abandoned this not so fabulous plan.

Side note: 8 week challenge starts today. So if you see me looking grumpy, I probably am. If you see me looking longingly at your fancy cheese or your block of chocolate, remind me that I'll be thankful in the end. If I ever pop into your mind, maybe pray for my poor family, especially in the first 3 weeks, as they deal with their detoxing slightly crazed mum. And lastly, when I am whinging about how bored I am with what I am eating, look at me and just say one word "bathers", that should do it.

2. Sand always gets into everything

How? Why? Surely someone has figured out a way to extract sand from every crevice. Top tip: chips do not taste better with the addition of crunchy sand.

3. An exploding pipe makes for a great story

Immersed in a book I was interrupted by a loud bang, a child yelling "come quick" and the sound of gushing water!

Who knew so much water, could spread so fast and require so many towels to clean up!

4. Always read the signs before going on a walk

Failing to read the sign that says "No Access at High Tide", funnily enough, means exactly that. So we scaled the side of sand dunes, climbed over trees, through trees and crawled under branches, trying to avoid sopping wet shoes. To no avail though, we all ended up with half the beach in our water logged shoes BUT it was a super memorable adventure that the kids will never forget.

5. 'Kids cook the dinners' was one of my more brilliant ideas

Miraculously this worked out amazingly! Each of the kids planned two meals and the shopping list for their dinners. My mini masterchefs then prepared and cooked with very little assistance. It was awesome! Highly recommend!

6. Stopping is easier said than done

I suck at stopping! It takes me a good couple of days to discipline my brain to stop planning, to stop solving, to stop always thinking about what is next and start just being right here, right now.

7. Service Station coffee is never a good idea

Never ever ever ever!! Jed and I did a road trip back for his football match. While driving, I convinced myself that the service station coffee might be ok and that it would be a fabulous new discovery. WRONG! Don't do it! Stick to coffee made by a human, not by a machine.

8. Wear gloves when it's cold!

Unless you want your fingers to look colourless (really scary ugly), dead and sting a lot!

9. Running at dusk speeds up your pace

I am directionally impaired. I can get lost just by closing my eyes. The maps app is my best friend, even though I feel like she yells at me a lot.

I headed off on my first run of the holiday, not thinking through the time of day as I left. Heading back towards home, darkness began descending, cars were turning there lights on and my fear of not finding my way home was increasing. Turns out fear is a great pace lifter, I ran home faster than I have run for a really long time.

Although I don't recommend running in the dark, it is a great way to break running records.

10. Beautiful shops and Tacky shops can exist in the same street

Gorgeous plants, clothes, jewellery, ceramics, artwork, delicious food and then .... Santa holding a beer with all his 'bits' that should never be showcased, displayed for all to see. Unfortunately, not the only piece of 'tack' we came across.

Final Thoughts

I love family holidays, chocolate, fancy cheese, great coffee, unexpected adventures and the beautiful incredible world we live in.

with love & joy

kim xx

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