Don't forget your bra ....

"Mum, have you ever forgot to wear a bra?" was the random question popping out of my sweet girls mouth as we walked the path to pick up our hot chips.

Trawling through my bra wearing history I couldn't recall ever forgetting to pop on a nana-nude, bright and bold or sexy lacy number before I left home. Nor have I ever forgot to pop on some 'undies', even though, I have many a time regretted the pair of choice, as they climbed higher or dipped lower than underwear ever should.

Underwear, for me, is a basic all-purpose garment, a practical necessity and a requirement for comfort (unless I make a dumb choice).

It got me thinking about what else in my life is a 'basic, bottom of the line, mustn't be without' item? What else do I need for my life to 'go well'? For people I cross paths with to blossom, for hearts to connect even when heads butt, for my own spirit to know peace....

LOVE. Plain and simple.

"And Regardless of what else you put on, WEAR LOVE. It's your basic all-purpose garment. NEVER be without it."

Love is like underwear for me. I need to never forget to pop it on. It will come in so many different forms: nana-nude, clean crisp white, bright bold pattern, racy lacy red... because love transforms to meet the heart of those whose path I cross.

Love also transforms my heart. Holding fast to the knowledge that I am loved and wearing that love, not only changes me but will impact those whose path I cross.

So friends, as you pop on your underwear this week, remember to also pop on LOVE. Never leave home without it.

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