Press the PAUSE button!

Towering high above us, the majesty of the giant redwood trees took my breath away. They were magnificent. All of a sudden I felt tiny. I walked with my head looking up, around, across - amazed! It was in this space that I took a deep breath, relaxed my shoulders and allowed my mind to unravel like a ball of tightly wound string.

Tension, stress, pressure, busyness and tiredness condition me to live looking always to the 'next thing'. I am ashamed to admit that I sometimes even find myself running from place to place and not for fitness, but due to a false sense of needing to keep going to keep everything together.

It is only when I stop, take a deep breath, look around me, not just glance, but really look that I get fresh eyes to see. As we wandered the beautiful redwood forest, meandered along the river, climbed in logs, raced up hills, paused to notice the little tiny plants beneath our feet, delighted and played in the giant bird nests, slowly it all fell off and was left behind. The chains of stress, the rocks of pressure, the tightness of tension and the bricks of busyness - somewhere in that beautiful space I found freedom.

Freedom is found not in getting things done, not in solving all the problems, not in getting enough sleep (although that is always a great thing), not in running away from it all BUT in gaining a new perspective.

What is the key to perspective?

For me - perspective changes when I pause.

Let's today choose to PRESS THE PAUSE BUTTON. Pause in the moment, take it in, look closer and I guarantee you will discover delight.

How will you PRESS THE PAUSE BUTTON today?

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