When did we forget how to play?

Let's play today watercolour artwork

Possum? Dog? Cat? No, it was a child! My sweet Matilda digging through the recycle bin to find a big container. Curiosity was killing me, so I sneakily observed what was she was up to, like a 'Super Spy' from behind curtains.

Upon investigation, I found Matilda filling up empty 3L milk bottles with water and creating a river along the curb, watching stones and leaves float towards the drain. So simple, yet this 'play' created so much delight.

When did 'play' stop being the goal of my everyday? When did I forget how to delight in the 'simple'?

Matilda's sweet simple delight in water flowing, challenged me to the core. It challenged me to make 'play' a priority in my day. To stop being busy. To stop being serious. To stop feeling like I need to solve the problems of the world. To stop needing to always be productive. To stop needing things to have 'purpose'.

When 'play' is embraced, I remember the joy of why I do what I do. It changes my perspective on life. It gives me fresh eyes to see the world differently.

Play, fun and delight should be an ingredient in my everyday. Each day since, I have made 'play' a priority. Frivolous, fantastic, fabulous and fun.

Painting just for fun, not for a purpose.

Day dreaming about far off wonderful places.

Delighting in the beautiful world around me.

Tickle fights with my kids.

Silly ridiculous conversations with Michael.

Licking the spoon.

Eating ice-cream straight out of the tub.

Throwing leaves over each other.

Stopping for milkshakes on the way home from school.

Telling jokes to each other (my kids are hilarious).

Throwing gold leaf around like confetti.

Walking slowly, skipping or even running fast.

Hey friends, 'let's play today' and everyday. Let's never forget to play. Play changes me. Will join me in the challenge to 'Play TODAY' and everyday?

I created 'Let's play today' to hang on my wall as a constant reminder that it is in joy and delight that my perspective changes.

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