Expectations - such a pain!

Black, Grey, White and Gold Leaf acrylic canvas Painting

My expectations were lower than the temperature on a freezing cold day, yet they all too quickly readjusted up to sweltering tropical temperatures.

The website launched and although I was beside myself excited, I had very little expectation of what the response might be. You can imagine my excitement when I had my first sale only 1 hour after the early access subscriber launch.... happy dance type excitement.

Very quickly my thoughts sounded something like "Oh my goodness, this could go nuts!" My expectations rose to somewhere higher than the moon and I waited to see the explosion.

The explosion ended up being a steady rumble for three days and then quietness descended like the dead of night. I dove deep from excited to disappointment. Questioning every decision I had made, every thought I had, every belief in myself, every promise I had received and the 'what if's' flooded over me. I was looking at and focusing on the black and grey.

Eventually, I realised that this just wasn't fun and slowly I stopped looking at the black and grey, rubbed my eyes, blinked a few times and began to look for the white and gold. The amazing thing that I had achieved, the incredible words of encouragement I had received, the sales that had blown me away in the first 3 days and the destiny that I knew I was stepping in to.

I don't write these things to have you feel sorry for me, but rather to encourage you to make a choice and like me to rub your eyes, blink a few times and look for the white and gold, the hope, the light, the truth and the sweetness that is living out that which you have been called to do.

This painting is the outflow of these thoughts.

'Eyes to Look for, to See and to Discover Hope.'

(Black, Grey, White & Sparkly Gold)

This 24x24"/61x61cm original on canvas will be available in the shop for $200 at the beginning of June - SOLD xx

If you would like to reserve it, pop me an email and I will keep it treasured for you.

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